Headquartered at IUPUI
Locations on 8 IU Campuses

Program Options

Each campus uses an electronic application. MSW campus application. 

IUPUI at IUS offers one concentration at this time, Children, Youth and Families.  Should students wish to select a concentration offered on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis, the MSW Advisor in New Albany will assist the student in exploring alternative concentrations in Leadership, Mental Health and Addictions, Schools and Health. For those students choosing an alternative concentration from the Children, Youth and Families Concentration in New Albany, students in their third year of the part time MSW Program at New Albany will involve some commuting to Indianapolis for some classes.

Advanced standing status is offered on all campuses to exceptional applicants who possess a BSW from an accredited school of social work.  Acceptance for advanced standing is not automatically granted to every applicant.  Applicants will be evaluated based on the quality of their application and mastery of the BSW curriculum.   Applicants must begin the MSW program within 5 years of BSW graduation.  For example, BSW graduates from 2012 must begin the MSW program no later than 2017. 


Each student in the MSW program must choose a specialization for their last 30 hours of the program.  This curriculum prepares students for advanced social work practice in the concentration area.  Each area of concentration offers specific coursework and a practicum in that specialty area.  The five concentrations currently offered along with the campuses on which they are delivered are:

  • Mental Health/Addictions (IUPUI, IUSB, IUN, IPFW)
  • Children, Youth and Families (IUPUI, IUS)
  • School Social Work (IUPUI, IUN)
  • Health (IUPUI, IUN)
  • Leadership (IUPUI)
  • Advanced Generalist (IUE, MSW Direct)